Troy Aligary


Aka: troy
Apparent Age: 24
Date of Birth: 07/19/1888
Eyes: blue
Nationality: Italian
Height: 6-0
Weight: 170
Sex: Male

Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Eliot Georges

Troy aligary was born July 19 1888 in Italy. Raised as a catholic school boy as most were in that time with strong religious background and education. When troy was an adult he joined the family business. The family business dealt in wine. In years to come, a strange man came to Italy in the guise of a merchant seeking a new trade, was hired by the aligary’s. His name was Eliot Georges. Something was off about this man, little they know who he really was. It time, he took a liking to troy, the eldest son of the aligary family. It was he who sired troy and in time showed troy a new life, a life with out limits. As for the family business, it prospered well for a short time but like all business it has its down sides, so much so, it was sure to go under. Troy’s father made a deal with the local mod, the brotellies. A well known mod. Most steer clear but despite times call for desperate measure. But it was all for not. The business failed and the aligary’s tried to flee Italy. The efforts were in vain. The family was found. The family was beaten, there wills almost broken. They stopped when they came to punish the eldest son, only to discover the secret. Fearful of what they dint understand and in the wake of ignorance they tried to stake him in the heart and nailed him in a coffin and locked him up. The family was left alone but the family name was cured and they flea away into history never to be heard again. Eliot had avoided capture and was never to be seen. 80 years have past, left in a long slumber, troy is awaken to find a new world waits for him.

Troy Aligary

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