Tag: Ghoul


  • Poe

    * Loves shiny things, and seems to understand which ones are valuable * Will calm down if you start reading The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe * Is a very clever bird

  • Hana Zimmermann

    * Former ghoul of [[:dusk-tchaikovsky|Dusk Tchaikovsky]] and [[:isaac-mason | Isaac Mason]] * Very needy and tends to snap at people * Loves sex and attention * Plays lots of video games * Very talented musician and costume designer

  • Virgina

    * Former ghoul of [[:dante | Dante]] * Very well trained * Often refereed to as the grumpy old lady

  • Spirit

    * Not very clever * Was [[:alexia-vann|Alexia Vann's]] ghoul

  • Jose

    * Found in a rat trap outside a strip club in Mexico * Former ghoul of [[:isaac-mason | Isaac Mason]], [[:alexia-vann|Alexia Vann]], and [[:freddy-clayton|Freddy Clayton]] * Loves to roll around in whatever he can find * Always smells like wet rat even …

  • Ray Campell

    * [[:isaac-mason|Isaac Mason]]'s former friend and ghoul * Currently dating [[:hana-zimmermann|Hana Zimmermann]] * Suffers from memory lapses and fits of depression * Went missing and came back with his mind competently wiped * Likes video games