Tag: Kinfolk


  • Dante

    * One of the last high ranking Gangrel in the Camerilla * One of the most famous hackers in the world * Has a soft spot for The Daughter of Cacophony * Is believed to be kinfolk of the were-coyote * Mediator for the vampires and werewolves * Farley …

  • Fang

    * Huge animal lover * Was born kinfolk to the Wendigo tribe * Very well-informed and connected with the city * Recently stopped hiding his face

  • Dave Plotnitskaia

    * Has a brother named [[:spot | Spot]] * Owns and runs [[Mystic Shop of Groovy Stuff]] * Smokes a lot of pot * Is often very confused

  • Spot

    * Brother is [[:dave-plotnitskaia | Dave Plotnitskaia]] * Very energetic and friendly * Loves to take naps in the sun