Tag: Malkavian


  • Alejandra Lopez

    h4. Pets * [[:gregory|Gregory]] * "Bella Two the Revenge":http://s0n0ra.deviantart.com/art/Flower-Kitten-215317298?q=boost%3Apopular%20kitten&qo=49 h4. Gear Carried -Cellphone -Pager -Reinforced Clothing -Special Glasses -Revolver -Backpack …

  • Alex Pappagu

    * Works at [[Dark Blade Comics]] and as a street juggler * Is a friend of and taught [[:dusk-tchaikovsky|Dusk Tchaikovsky]] about her clan * Has a mortal girlfriend * Fears clowns and has many theories about them

  • King Crazy Hobo

    * Used to be a prince of an African country * Was a well-respected seer * Was checked into a mental hospital for staring too long into the universal knowledge * Dresses as Batman and fights crime in his spare time * Drives a toy choo-choo

  • Virgina

    * Former ghoul of [[:dante | Dante]] * Very well trained * Often refereed to as the grumpy old lady