Tag: Mortal


  • Cordaro Lopez

    * Is [[:alejandra-lopez|Alejandra Lopez's]] father * Is a very famous hunter * Single-handedly killed an entire werewolf pack with just six silver bullets

  • Dana Lopez -Tchaikovsky

    * Mothers are [[:alejandra-lopez | Alejandra Lopez]] and [[:dusk-tchaikovsky | Dusk Tchaikovsky]] * Was found being eating by rouge vampire at farm * Is really smart and mature for her age * Loves unicorns * Wants to be a princess knight when she …

  • Michelle Faria

    * Is [[:gabriel|Gabriel's]] younger sister * Got pregnant at a young age and was abandoned by the father * Was kicked out of her house at the age of 17 * Has trouble staying in school * Depended on her brother for support * Had to move into a trailer …

  • Stephanie Faria

    * [[:gabriel|Gabriel's]] niece * Is very active and loves animals * Makes sure everyone in the family prays before every meal and when they go to bed * Loves Disney movies

  • Ruben Lopez

    * Brother of [[:alejandra-lopez|Alejandra Lopez]] and son of [[:cordaro-lopez|Cordaro Lopez]] * High school drop-out who joined a small gang * Recently let out of jail * His criminal record is mainly theft

  • Clarance Flores

    * Works for [[OtakuTech]] in the mail room * Was selected to become the first vampire * used to play table top games with other friends * Turned out to be a [[Fomori]] * Has bad dandruff * Is in love with [[:dusk-tchaikovsky|Dusk Tchaikovsky]]

  • Peter Degrace

    * Dated [[:alejandra-lopez|Alejandra Lopez]] * Was ditched by all his old friends * Loves to play role playing games * Took the breakup with [[:alejandra-lopez|Alejandra Lopez]] kinda hard

  • Jose Morales

    * Not very clever * Has been a bus boy for over fifteen years * Smokes a lot of pot