Tag: Ventrue


  • Kelly Jollie

    * Used to own and run the [[Blood Bank]] along with several other small businesses * Is in love with [[:kaiel|Kaiel]] and at one point had control over him * Participated in many shady deals

  • Hana Zimmermann

    * Former ghoul of [[:dusk-tchaikovsky|Dusk Tchaikovsky]] and [[:isaac-mason | Isaac Mason]] * Very needy and tends to snap at people * Loves sex and attention * Plays lots of video games * Very talented musician and costume designer

  • Ray Campell

    * [[:isaac-mason|Isaac Mason]]'s former friend and ghoul * Currently dating [[:hana-zimmermann|Hana Zimmermann]] * Suffers from memory lapses and fits of depression * Went missing and came back with his mind competently wiped * Likes video games

  • Troy Aligary

    Troy aligary was born July 19 1888 in Italy. Raised as a catholic school boy as most were in that time with strong religious background and education. When troy was an adult he joined the family business. The family business dealt in wine. In years to …