June 18-19 - My Decision

Backstreet Boys – Shape of My Heart

Another DUMB FUCKING venting session… I cannot believe this shit! Write it down she says, it’ll help you release anger! I swear I’m turning into a bitch! Cammy-sensei’s bitch to be exact… oh well, I’d rather take orders from her than anyone else.

Anyways, I’m jotting down my final thoughts on Persephone. Let’s see…

  • She’s beautiful
  • She’s strong
  • She’s crazy
  • She’s skilled and talented
  • She’s the mother of a daughter who I completely adore
  • She’s fooling around with Dante (that cock block)
  • She’s married to Gabriel (fake or not, I can’t stand it)
  • She and Alejandra are mates
  • She has a thing for Dalton (a werewolf!)
  • She has a crush on Kyiel (ooo magic man)

Any other partners I should be aware of…? Hmm, I think that’s the gist of it.

The way I see it is that she likes powerful men and appears to have an obsession with obtaining power. All these men have powers beyond that of my limits. Powers that my simple minded brain cannot comprehend. I’m afraid I’m beginning to lose interest in her. She’s beautiful but behind all that beauty is chaos and instability. As fun as it sounds I have to learn to be stable. I have to keep my anger in check. Cammy-sensei wants me to shape up because she needs and wants a man. She’s already confessed her love for me and I can no longer keep her waiting. Now it’s my turn, I must gather what balls I got and speak my heart out. She’s always been the one who’s there for me, the one who’s accepted me for me, the one that looks beyond my flaws, the one that puts up with me, and the one that loves me…

I may never become as strong as Dante or Dalton physically, but at least my heart grows stronger each night with this amazing woman. She’s more than a Bombshell… she’s a Gold Mine and I’m digging her a whole lot! I have to get her a ring soon and propose my love for her because it’s truly her that my heart desires… I’m ready to make this blood bond stronger if that’s what it takes.

WHY THE FUCK IS BACKSTREET BOYS PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND?! I can’t believe Cammy-sensei listens to this shit! These guys should be called the “Backdoor Boys!” Bwahahahahaha!

Hold on, I’ma turn this shit off…

Trapt – Headstrong

Now that’s more like it! Ungh! Yeah!

Anyways, I tried my best for the past few days to behave and not pick fights with anyone. Even while everyone was talking about shit or investigating shit that I don’t even know, all I did was pace myself. Next time, I’m just going to start dancing just like the old days. Dancing sets me free, no limits, no boundaries. Just me and the music become united as one.

OMFG! I sound like a fucking gentleman!!! Dammit Cammy-chan! (I hope she doesn’t mind if I call her that instead) You’re making me soft! I’ll show you fucking gentle! I’ll fucking fuck you right into the next dimension, that’s how fucking gentle I’ll be!

Shit man, what can I say…?

“Men are but savages without women.”

June 18-19 - My Decision

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