June 6-7 - The Justice League

June 6, Thursday

Can you believe this shit? We got a crazy Brother who thinks he’s Batman. Then Alejandra and Persephone are the sidekicks…. costumes looked great though, almost wanted to hump Persephone on the spot. I didn’t agree with wearing tights, but if it got me to kick some ass, by all means then.

I honestly felt dumb role playing Superman. “Halt citizen! What brings you here?” Was he really that of a goodie-two-shoes??? I should’ve picked Night Wing instead. BAD-FUCKING-ASS!


The Sheriff is a blind fucking gargoyle of some sort. Damn, he packing alotta weight! This guy… good thing he’s blind, I’d want to shoot myself if I saw my face everyday like that, shit son! What’s wrong with his fucking face?! Plus I have to impress the two Malkavians in the group… sonofabitch! Impressing Malkavians means I have to go delusional… there goes my bitches and whores…

June 7, Friday

Cammy-sensei got me a new phone! Damn she do too much for me, and I can only do so little. What did she ever saw in me? Now she wants me work on handling my anger in a positive way… street fighting not good enough? America is making us both soft, it’s already affecting her, damn.

Limp Dick is a preacher??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! That’s why he’s missing his manhood. He deserved that paper ball in the face. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FUCKING KID though had the nerve to throw one at me. I admire his guts, I feel bad about his injuries, I just blew up on him without even a thought. Smacked him with a fucking bible in the face…

This town is full of lunatics. Now a grungy fellow throwing gang signs at me with a smirk? What’s his fucking deal? I should’ve wipe the floor with his face but I got mine instead by a white boy. This guy just seems too far out of my league, all my moves are used against me and I find myself kissing the ground, that pisses me off but this is the guy I’m suppose to see about my anger issues.

Persephone and Alejandra came out speaking gibberish seeing what the who what where? I smacked some fucking sense into her but she punched me right back, got me good on the chin. Shit, I can’t beat on women, if Cammy-sensei found out…

Went to a hospital afterwards… what the fuck is going on?! I need to go back to that church and see what went down inside.

June 6-7 - The Justice League

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