June 8-10 - Lustful Complications

June 8, Saturday

A day to myself for once, didn’t do much though. I danced in the streets to channel this anger.

June 9, Sunday

Fucking old man flipping me off like a crazy teenage driver. I’ma slash his tires next time I see him and put shit in his gas tank. Next to that, a dumbass cop who was nice enough to just give us a warning. Probably didn’t expect to pull over a car full of foreigners…

So many girls, so little time. Got introduced to two more hot girls, one I’d love to fuck. Not complaining, most guys I meet I tend to have a beef with like that bitch-ass werewolf who shoved me out of the way in the Soup Kitchen. Next time I see his ass I’m knifing him in the fucking eyes! Teach him a lesson about dissing my eyes.

Dana is a sweet girl and a fucking guru at Golden Eye. I still can’t fucking believe that she took me out with just the karate chop. Just too damn good!

I wanted to leave the house before the Malkavians drove me insane but Dana asked me to help her build a tree fort. How could I say no to such a sweetheart? Besides, it sounded like a badass idea to make a tree fort. She gave me the blueprints on paper, drawn out with crayons. Shit! I’m surprised with her level of intelligence, at this rate she’ll be an architect in no time, FUCKING-A. I’m also really surprised that the fort I made came out well for my first time while I was majorly distracted by Persephone-chan… I can’t believe she didn’t resist or hit me that time, did she want it? I tried my best to hold back the urges but they still got the best of me. Fuck! Not only do I have to work on controlling my anger but my sex drive as well. Cammy-sensei came out of nowhere and caught me red-handed. I don’t know what I was thinking! I should’ve fucked her on the spot, but I decided to take her where? To the park? I don’t know somewhere just as long as it was away from Alejandra and Quadruple Tits.

Shit man! Fuck my life! I didn’t know she actually had “feelings” for me! I thought it was just casual sex for enjoyment. But she does take good care of me… I’m torn, honestly though a part of me wished I had done it with Persephone-chan. I’m actually starting to like her…

June 10, Monday

To Be Continued…

June 8-10 - Lustful Complications

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