May 26-27 - Carnage

May 26, Sunday

FUCK! Reading for too long irritates me! I can’t stand that shit! Apparently I was used to translate vital information for the group some more information about Magadon. For all I know they’re just a bunch of limp dicks wanking off behind their desks! Why do I care? I’m not the brains of this group. Just a baby-fucking-sitter.

Not that I hate it that Persephone-chan’s teasing me with her sexual appeal but she’s taking advantage of me! :( All work and no play! I get a peek but no touch?! I’m going to invade that rack of hers next time in comes to view! And what’s with the random mood changes? Fucking Malkavians. This is probably the only Malkavian I’m willing to tap.

Mr. Limp Dick thinks he can dominate me??? Who does he think he is?! Wise ass cracker! I’ma break his damn face!

Alexia-chan smells like corpses! Why didn’t I catch this before? Has she been covering it up with hella perfume? I don’t fucking know how I’m going to deal with that smell if I want to have a good time with her. Grrr! Heightened smell is not always advantageous.

Bitch ass Alejandra is willing to touch others with latex gloves? Shit maybe I should get a her a human sized condom for going into clubs. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

May 27, Monday

Fucking Yakuza thinks he can talk smack just cuz he’s behind a plexiglass. I bet he’s a pansy once he’s out of it. FUCKING ASS WIPE talked smacked about Cammy-sensei. THAT WAS FUCKING UNFORGIVABLE! I oughtta rip his fucking head right off his shoulders! We might have lost the chance to get in if Alexia-chan had not pushed her BOOBIES against my arm.

As much as I wanted to rip these Yakuzas myself the favor was done for me by a few were-creatures that Cammy-sensei told me about. I didn’t think I’d actually come across them. The Yakuza must have done something to anger a few of their kind. No doubt though that there are more Yakuza hideouts out there, like fucking rats! I wanted to test my strength on them… but I’m 99% sure that it was going to kill me instead.

Anyway we got what was needed inside, plus I got myself a gun! Let’s just hope this forger isn’t another fucking ass wipe.

I’m off to blow off some steam and then sniff Persephone-chan’s hair.

May 26-27 - Carnage

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