May 28-29 - On The Run

May 28, Tuesday

OMFG! Can’t a kid get some sleep around here?! I swear I’m better off in the streets! These two Malkavian bitches appears to have a beef between each other, and not just this life, but probably in their own psycho world.

I don’t know why people are tripping over a fucking book! It’s a book guys! Get over it! Fucking retards! Like I care anyways I’m not the type to pick up a book and read. Shit son! I shouldn’t even be writing this journal entry! WHAT THE FUCK! HAVE I GOTTEN SOFT?! Why do you think I got kicked from so many schools? From picking fights! OMG! I want to pick a fight right now!

I grow tired of translating for these fools. No one can be trusted. I might be next on the germaphobe’s crazy hit list, Persephone has the tendency to forget, isn’t that like old people disease? [Alzheimer’s; Minato doesn’t know the scientific name for it] I’m surprised she made it this far, Alexia has an obsession of were-tigers plus she stinks of the grave for someone so fine, and Limp Dick carries his diary with him like a school girl. Why do I babysit this fucking pansy of a group?! This is why I keep hearing that the Brujah want out of the Camarilla. We’re better off calling our own shots. We’re nobody’s bitches! On top of that, Alexia appears to catch on a bit I don’t fucking know how, even tourists have a fucking migraine when it comes to learning our language, and now Persephone can speak perfect Japanese all the sudden. Just doesn’t add up. Maybe I’m growing crazy, their craziness is affecting me. FUCKING SHIT! Well now that she knows, they don’t need me no more.

I wanted answers from these pushovers. Why are we running from them?! God I love a good fight, and if they want one maybe I’ll just be the one to give it to them! Maybe it’s not my place to give these guys an ass kicking, but I wanted answers! I wanted to kill these Yakuza myself and now I feel empty. FUCKING EMPTY! RRRAAAAGGGHH! [The page is torn and a pencil scribble mark is left at the end of the page showing signs that the writer wasn’t able to continue writing from pure rage.]

[New page] Everything from me taken! I got to find the rest of these bastards! And if I can’t, I’ll have to settle with these were-creatures. If it means going back to hell, then so be it! I have nothing left to lose!

May 29, Wednesday

Still on the run from those pushovers, and now we’re being tracked or should I say “Hunted” by a pack of wild animals. It’s no longer safe to stay at motels/hotels.

But I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself today. Run and jump on an disembarking train. All in a days work. Shit son! Wish I had myself on video with instant replay.

Maybe playing with Persephone’s memory loss was a bad idea. I wanted to see different reactions from the moment she forgets, and I got to rub myself up against her BOOBIES. I’m not complaining. She’s got a feisty side though I like that. I wonder if she’ll forget.

Anyways that forger did a good job with our disguises, our shift starts in a few hours, and I’m getting bloody thirsty…

May 28-29 - On The Run

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