May 30 - June 4 - The US of A

May 30, Thursday

This undercover shit didn’t turn out as bad as I expected. I tapped that bitch good! In a McDonalds joint of all places… could’ve been better, but I’m not complaining.

May 31, Friday

I’m back here again, looks like I have to leave the Yakuza behind me and start a new life here in America since Cammy-sensei wanted to leave the country as well, wasn’t expecting that… I feel so unaccomplished. I feel shitty and depressed. I want to punch someone in the face…

June 1st – 4th, Saturday – Tuesday

Well the crime here is exceptionally fucking low, I wonder why that is? Just when I want to go looking for a fight. Just brilliant!

I need to get acquainted with the neighborhood gangs. Find out who’s top-dog around here.

I wonder how Cammy-sensei is fitting in here?

May 30 - June 4 - The US of A

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