Victor Mihailov

"I have always been a good boy, focusing on my studies, rarely going out, never seeing any girls. Ironic that I join the ranks of the undead considering that I never truly lived in the first place."


Aka: Goblin
Age: 18
Apparent Age: 17
Date of Birth: February 24, 1983
RIP: June 12, 2001
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Light blue
Nationality: Russian
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 140
Sex: Male
Misc: Always carries a black suitcase with art supplies and sketch book and usually wears a black business suit but without the coat. Has a deep fascination with creatures of ancient myth and history.

Generation: 8th
Clan: Toreador
Sire: Scarlet

Photo Credit

Epica – Solitary Ground (Victor’s Theme)

Corey Hart – I Wear my Sunglasses at Night (Comedic/Joke)

Penumbra: Overture – Main Theme (Urban Exploration)

Penumbra – Something Sinister (Sneaking/Hiding)

Penumbra Overture – Run! (Running from Horror)

Character Notes & Opinions

  • Dusk Tchaikovsky (aka Persephone): She seems nice enough and appears to carry much respect among other vampires. But some thing about her scares me, its as if she sees and comprehends some thing that I will never understand. In addition I find my self mesmerized by her beauty, and beautiful women always mean trouble. But if I am to observe and learn from her then so be it.
  • Alejandra Lopez: She is kind, and very quite. I like her, I think we will get along quite nicely.
  • Gabriel: He seems nice enough but I have not seen him enough to judge his personality.
  • Namikaze Minato: Nami is either a thug or a legendary action hero in the making. He is wild, outgoing, and a true BAMF. (as my brother might say!) I envy his confidence, but his eagerness for battle scares me. In addition I witnessed him kill 3 people without hesitation, well I guess they cant actually be called “people” any more, but they still had lives and dreams. Could Nami be a Yakuza? I fear Nami will draw unnecessary attention. Still… I think I can learn much from him about self defense.
  • Scarlet: I am rather disturbed and at the same time glad that she was the one to be my sire and turn me into what I am today. At first I was angry at her, she brought me back from the grave and turned me into something I loathe. I cant stand the idea of spending eternity as true apex predator that feeds on blood to survive and has a virtually eternal lifespan. I am slowly starting to accept it though. She has been relatively patient with me and has shown kindness even in the worst of my depression induced outbursts; and she has been tough on me when she needed to. In the two months that I have known her I have come to love and respect her, not in the romantic sense though. Still… I am a bit fearful of her, as beautiful woman usually mean trouble as I have learned from my brothers example.

Equipment/Items Carried

  • Black suitcase full of art supplies and paper.


  • Free running outfit: Black running pants with glow in the dark stripes running down the sides, Nike running shoes with glow in the dark emblems, tight fitting sleeveless Nike shirt with glow in the dark stripes running down the shoulders and a tiny Nike symbol on the left side of the chest.
  • Large stack of papers bought from a local store.
  • Back pack full of clothing.

Victors Journal


  • Victor has an eccentric habit of referring to woman by “madam.”
  • Victor is very timid and tends to sell him self short as he believes that he does not deserve to be in the company of those he thinks are stronger and wiser then he.
  • Victor loves learning about myths and legends and has a habit of relating things he sees to them.

Victor Mihailov

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